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Crypto isn't just for
cowboys anymore.

Powered by proprietary technology, Coindex Capital
provides ways for prudent investors to gain exposure to the
growing activity in crypto and Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

The world of DeFi is exploding

with billions in decentralized transactions every day:


DEX Volume Last 24 Hrs


DEX Volume Last 7 days


7-day Uniswap Volume


7-day Uniswap Profit

The Coindex Advantage


We are an experienced team
that sits at the nexus between
the needs of finance and the
demands of crypto.

Systems Driven

We are rigorous and
systematic in our approach to
remove the emotion and tame
the chaos of crypto.

In-House Technology

Coindex operates on
human powered technology built
in-house to make sense of the
volatile world of DeFi.

Skin in the Game

The Coindex management team
has made substantial personal investments into Coindex alongside our external investors.

Meet the Team

Coindex is a duet of technology & expertise.
Learn more about the team that's using their expertise to tame the wild west of crypto.

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